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Gaiacom provides services that allow your computer networks to work as efficiently as possible with the least amount of overhead. It is imperative that an IT company determines the needs of the client before any action is taken. At Gaiacom we provide the correct amount of resources to fit a particular business’ needs. Gaiacom is dedicated to providing quick and effective support for your network.

Gaiacom Services
 Network support
o   We provide network security, support and most importantly peace of mind. You will have a knowledgeable IT staff that is versed in the inner workings of networks to make sure this imperative element of your company remains functioning.

Business Automation
o   Business applications are a norm in the modern business environment. For such a reason Gaiacom procures technicians that are versed in the inner workings of such applications. Our clients are in a broad range of markets, from accounting to healthcare to manufacturing. Gaiacom has the capability and the capacity to serve you no matter what market you are in.

Disaster Recovery
o   In the business world, nothing is more important than data. Here at Gaiacom we realize how important your data is. We provide top quality backup solutions that fit your needs.

Remote Access and VPN
o   Our customers are provided with top remote connection, and VPN technologies that allow your employees to work from home, or from anywhere in the world.

Security and Virus Protection
o   Such leaps in digital technology are not without a price. Digital threats such as hackers, viruses and spyware put your information at risk. Protection from such threats is vital.

Industry Solutions
o   Each industry has its own special needs and there are applications that help satisfy these requirements. We are resellers of a variety of industry-specific applications or we can work with your reseller to integrate such applications into your existing system. As your Virtual IT provider, you deal with us not the companies that created the software. This allows for you to talk to people that know how you operate and know your situation.
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o   At Gaiacom we provide you a dedicated team of IT specialists. You have special needs and we are familiar with your needs. We are here to help you.

A business must first determine what systems will be beneficial, how to implement them and how to protect those systems from threats. At Gaiacom we utilize methods of planning that effectively create an ideal working environment, which will be serviced and maintained by Gaiacom.

o   Evaluate effectiveness of current IT infrastructure
o   Manage technical solutions to ensure business objectives are met
o   Data Warehousing and Document Management

Project Management
o    Evaluate effectiveness of current IT infrastructure
o    Manage technical solutions to ensure business objectives are met
o    Data Warehousing and Document Management

Service and Maintenance
o    Off-site backup storage and rotation for small businesses
o    Weekly service pack updates
o    General IT "health checkups"
o    General break/fix issues

Gaiacom – The Total IT Service Provider
The Gaiacom Corporation, with its products, services and unique approach, is the ideal IT service provider for any organization. We are committed to delivering solutions that contribute to the client’s successful realization of their vision, thus helping us realize our own.

Our network support company disappeared on us... our server is extremely old and we can't invest in new equipment at this time. Fortunately we were introduced to Gaiacom and when they came and analyzed our needs and limited resources, they still managed to get us up and running in a very productive manner. When we were ready for our new equipment, they designed the proper system and supplied us with fast and very cost effective service... and with the maintenance contract they are so up to speed to assist us... if we ever need them, which really happens very rarely.
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