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Consider how much of a business day is spent on a computer; everything from faxes and email to order fulfillment and payment processing is done via computers. They are embedded tools that businesses depend on and whose stable operation has a direct impact on business productivity.

The Conflict Between Outsourcing IT needs and Maintaining Internal Staff
Traditionally, businesses employ an independent IT service provider. Unfortunately the IT providerís services arenít utilized until after the client has undergone considerable internal discussion regarding the project and usually the client is eager to progress forward.
Therefore, all consultation is focused on the specific project being discussed, making it hard to consider long-term goals and concerns. The client loses the benefit of early consultation that may have led to better alternatives.
The other option for a business is to employ its own internal IT staff. However, the costs of maintaining and supervising a staff whose operations are not well understood may make this an unwise investment.

The Solution
This contradiction of needs is resolved by retaining the services of an organization such as the Gaiacom Corporation. This solution is characterized by:
  • Early consultation
  • Frequent client / Gaiacom interaction
  • Compromise between expertise of external professionals and availability of internal staff
  • Reduced overheard and costs
By acting as the virtual IT staff, Gaiacom is always aware of the clientís changing needs and plans. Gaiacomís available expertise assists the client in making informed decisions.
As IT solutions are chosen, Gaiacom conducts the implementation, ensuring each component contributes to the long term goals of the client.
The client gets the perfect mix of external expertise and an internal staff, balancing costs, availability, overhead and quality.

The Flexibility of the Virtual IT Solution
Gaiacom understands that not every business needs a Virtual IT provider, at least initially. A client may need only equipment sales, initial installation and support services.
A key element of the Gaiacom model is that most technology services fall under the umbrella of Virtual IT. Therefore, a client can utilize the services they need and know that as their business grows, they will not have to change IT providers.
After many tryouts and lots of money wasted with several different providers, one for each type of support, we were granted the opportunity of sleeping well knowing that the next day of work would flow just fine. Peter not only showed us how our system would work better, but also made sure that we had an everyday productive operation... no more hassles, delays with emails, system down. We can't live without Gaiacom team anymore.
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